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SEC Filings

AMERICAN OUTDOOR BRANDS CORP filed this Form 10KSB on 04/02/2001
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     The company acknowledges that specialized target marketing strategies will
be required for each of these three markets and has addressed those needs with a
comprehensive marketing plan.


     Saf-T-Hammer  plans  to  license the rights of its product to the major gun
manufacturers for a royalty payment for each Saf-T-Hammer or Saf-T-Trigger.  Gun
manufacturers  can produce both of these products for a few dollars apiece after
minor  changes  are  made  to  their  existing  manufacturing  process.


     Saf-T-Hammer  intends  to establish licensed Saf-T-Hammer dealers (existing
gunsmiths)  to  convert  currently  owned  guns  with  Saf-T-Hammers  and
Saf-T-Triggers.  It  is anticipated that dealers will purchase the products from
the Company, and will charge the customer for the labor involved in installing a
Saf-T-Hammer  or  Saf-T-Trigger.  The  dealers  can  install  the  devices  in
approximately  10  minutes.  The  Company anticipates that the total cost of the
conversion  to  the  consumer  will  be  less  than  $50.00.


     Current and Future Gun Owners

     Saf-T-Hammer and Saf-T-Trigger can be marketed successfully to both current
and  future  gun  owners through both conventional techniques, and complimentary
creative  strategies.  Conventional marketing strategies will include the venues
currently  utilized  by  all  gun manufacturers, including magazines, gun shows,
target mailings, etc.  Sales data from the major gun manufacturers suggests that
conventional  marketing  techniques  are successful.  Additionally, Saf-T-Hammer
can  be  promoted  through  unconventional  avenues.  Some  of  these  include:

-     Development  of  relationships  with  safety  organizations  such  as  the
National  Safety  Council,  Center  to Prevent Handgun Violence, Mothers Against
Violence  in  America  (MAVIA),  the  NRA's  Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, and
others  which  are  spreading  across  the  United  States.   In some instances,
Saf-T-Hammer  should  earn the endorsement of safety organizations based on pure
product  merit.   In  other  circumstances, a "team approach" can be utilized to
benefit  both  the  non-profit  entity and Saf-T-Hammer, through the use of cash
incentive  donations  to  these  organizations  for  sales  attributed  to  the
organizations'  efforts.

-     By  virtue of the novel and unprecedented safety technology it represents,
Saf-T-Hammer  can  make  good utilization of a major public relations "kick-off"
campaign.  The  ease  and  speed  with  which the technology can be implemented,
coupled  with  the  complete  trustworthiness  of  its  safety  features  makes
Saf-T-Hammer a truly newsworthy invention.   Because Saf-T-Hammer's products are
strictly  safety  devices, they are not burdened by the politics surrounding gun
ownership and gun rights, and can be widely embraced as a solution to unintended
gun  injuries and death.  The government scrutiny and public focus on gun danger
makes  the  present  a perfect time to launch Saf-T-Hammer into the marketplace.

     Gun Dealers and Gunsmiths Performing Conversions