Directors and Officers

  • Barry M. Monheit
  • Robert L. Scott
  • Michael F. Golden
  • Anita D. Britt
  • John B. Furman
  • Gregory J. Gluchowski, Jr.
  • Mitchell A. Saltz
  • I. Marie Wadecki
  • Brian D. Murphy
    Co-President, Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Mark P. Smith
    Co-President, Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Jeffrey D. Buchanan
    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Administrative Officer, and Treasurer
  • Robert J. Cicero
    Sr. Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary
  • Deana L. McPherson
    Chief Accounting Officer, Corporate Controller
  • Lane A. Tobiassen
    President, Firearms Division