Barry M. Monheit


Barry M. Monheit has served as a director of our company since 2004. He served as Chairman of the Board from 2004 until the completion (on August 24, 2020) of the spin-off of our former outdoor products and accessories business, (the Separation). Since the Separation, he has served as Chairman of American Outdoor Brands, Inc. From 2020 to July 2023, Mr. Monheit served as a Senior Managing Director of J.S. Held, LLC, a consulting company providing services in forensic accounting, fraud investigations, receivership and restructuring, and lost profit exams. He formerly served as President and CEO of Quest Resource Holding Corp., a publicly traded company, as a Senior Managing Director of FTI Palladium Partners, in various capacities with FTI Consulting, Inc., including President of its Financial Consulting Division, and as a partner with Arthur Andersen & Co., where he served as partner-in-charge of its New York Consulting Division and its U.S. Bankruptcy and Reorganization Practice.

Financial Expert
Independent Director